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    Campus Charité MitteLuisenstraße 64
    10117 Berlin

    Campus Virchow-KlinikumAugustenburger Platz 1 (local address: Mittelallee 9)
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Das Bild zeigt einen Arzt, der bei einer jungen Patientin eine Augenuntersuchung durchführt.

Parent counselling

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Bild Elternberatung in der Neonatologie

A team of specially trained, well-experienced neonatal nurses accompanies parents prior to and during their infant's stay at the Department of Neonatology. Our aim is to foster parent-child bonding as early as possible and to support the families.

Parents expecting a premature or sick baby mostly feel both joy and anxiety at the same time. We try and get in touch with the parents at the earliest time possible, standing by them with supportive measures. We initiate contact with interested parents before childbirth in the pre-partum unit, answering questions and addressing parental concerns. Medical conditions of the mother permitting, we offer a guided tour to the neonatal intensive care unit.

After childbirth, we visit the parents until they are discharged from the post-partum unit. In the course of those visits, new questions arise daily, which can then be discussed early on.

During the infant's entire stay, we support the parents and relatives concerned.

Together with the parents and the responsible medical staff, we organize the infant's discharge, aiming at a relaxed, smooth and well-organized transfer to home.

After discharge, we offer aftercare telephone calls and a monthly "ex"-patients' meeting.