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Das Bild zeigt eine Ärztin am Schreibtisch im Gespräch mit einer Patientin.


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Quality assurance measures are conducted for further reduction in mortality and morbidity and include maintenance of and increase in structural and procedural quality as well as outcome quality.

A part of structural quality, for instance, is the close proximity of the delivery room to the neighbouring neonatal intensive care unit. Another aspect thereof is the primary care of neonates born at less than 30 weeks' gestation by specialists experienced in neonatology.

Procedural quality includes the standardization of recurring actions and their optimization.

For the examination of the outcome quality, we participate in benchmarking, especially in the neonatal census of the Berlin medical association (Ärztekammer Berlin) (since 1990) and the infection monitoring programme of the National Reference Centre for Surveillance of Nosocomial Infections (Nationales Referenzzentrum für Surveillance von nosokomialen Infektionen) (Neo-KISS) (since 1999).

In addition, we publish survival rates and data about survival quality of neonates under our medical care with very low (< 1500 g) or extremely low (< 1000 g) birth weight.

Performance reference numbers according to the G-BA resolution of 19 February 2009 (Leistungskennziffern der Klinik gemäß G-BA-Beschluss vom 19.02.2009)

Performance reference numbers according to the G-BA resolution of 19 February 2009